TVT Gate valve

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Soft-seal non-rising stem wedge gate valve

产品名称:Soft-seal non-rising stem wedge gate valve



1.     This kind of valve issuitable for liquid or gas medium pipeline and equipment. The main function isconnecting and block.

2.     High quality rubber wascoated the surface of valve, therefore it has the advantages of highelasticity, long service life, no leakage, etc

3.     At the bottom of the valvebody without grooves, so the flow resistance is small, can prevent dirtaccumulation caused by leaking or damage to the valve.

4.     Spraying treatment wasconducted on the valve body cavity, so there is no incrustation and corrosionwhen it was used for a long time. This design can effectively prevent thesecondary pollution. It is pollution-free products in the 21st century

5.     This kind of valve can beused without removing the valve from the piping to unload. In this way, it canrealize quick maintenance.

6.     The valve is the bestchoice for underground pipeline because it is easy to install and suitable forlimited space. It was widely used in food, medicine, water supply and drainageengineering, construction, fire control and other fields and well received bythe user.

Performance specification

Nominal pressure PN(Mpa)



Applicable temperature °C


Applicable medium

Water, oil, gas and Non-corrosive medium

Main materials

Gray cast ironBrassChromium- carbon steelStainless steelTeflonRubber



Test standard


Dimension table