TVT Butterfly valve

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Wafer butterfly valve

产品名称:Wafer butterfly valve



1.      Simple and compact structure,small and light, easy disassembling and maintenance and can be installed in anyposition

2.      90o rotary rapid opening and closing, opening and small closing torque

3.      Good sealing performance, longservice life, can achieve zero leakage.

4.      Can be used to transmit avariety of media.

5.      Flow characteristic similar tostraight line. Excellent regulation performance.

6.      Applicable to the handle, wormgear and worm, electric and pneumatic actuator

7.      Design and manufacturingstandards comply with API609

8.      Pressure test comply with API598.

9.      Structure length comply with API609.

Side flange standards comply with the GB/T17241.6 andANSI B16.1