TVT Butterfly valve

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Center line-type butterfly valve

产品名称:Center line-type butterfly valve



Tianjin Tanggu ValveCo., Ltd had produced the A-type/LT-type center line-type butterfly valve for20 years. It is the first company in China which produces center line-typebutterfly valve with the advanced technology of the U.S. In the past years, thecenter line-type butterfly valve produced by Tianjin Tanggu Valve Co., Ltd hadwon the national quality award many times. The driving method of centerline-type butterfly valve include: hand shank, worm gear operated, pneumatic,electric, etc. Size range: DN50 – DN1000.

Center line-typebutterfly valve can be used in the piping system of petroleum, chemical, food,medicine, paper making, water and electricity, shipping, water supply anddrainage, metallurgy, energy, etc. Center line-type butterfly valve applies totransmit corrosive gases, liquor, semi liquid and solid powder.


Butterfly valve is mainlycomposed of valve body, shaft, disc, seat and transmission device. Butterflyvalves use the gear shaft and butterfly plate rotation to achieve the purposeof the opening and closing and control flow.

The advantages of centerline-type butterfly valve:

1.      Simple and compact structure,Small and light, easy to transportation and install/remove.

2.      90o opening andclosing, the valve can be quickly switched. Operating torque is small.

3.      Good sealing performance, longservice life, can achieve zero leakage.

4.      Can be used to transmit avariety of media.

5.      Flow characteristic similar tostraight line. Excellent regulation performance.