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Tianjin Tanggu Valve limited liability company, founded in 1956, formerly known as Tianjin Tanggu Valve Plant, the successful restructuring in 2004, the registered capital of 28.09 million yuan, is a set design, development, production, installation, sales and service as one of the specialized manufacturers . The main products are: butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valves, metal butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, hydraulic control valves, micro Slow closing check valve, pump control valves and other products. But also the production of different materials, pressure, size, drive regulating valves, valves and other products, the existing more than 50 series, more than 1200 varieties. Annual production capacity of 8,000 tons. Product coverage throughout the country and exported to Europe and other countries, is widely used in water supply and drainage, power, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries. Product imaginative, high quality to price, reputation America, so customers trust.

After nearly 50 years of development and self-improvement, now occupies 100,000 square meters, construction area of ​​eighty thousand square meters, 860 employees, including high-, intermediate engineering and technical personnel of 127 people; has excellent large and medium-sized machining equipment 129 sets / test kits and testing equipment imported from abroad 28 / sets. Innovative product design, advanced structure, exquisite, well-produced, detection means complete, 1993 has passed DNV ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2003 through the revision of ISO 9001:2000 certification; under strict quality assurance system and enterprise management Under the orderly control system, the enterprise has reached a higher design, development, manufacture and testing standards. 

cultural heritage and enhance their market competitiveness and enterprise development potential, the whole idea of ​​carefully molded, distinctive interpretation of "TVT" masterpiece, implementation of quality strategy, creative brand benefits to more realistic spirit, better quality products and better service for all customers.
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